Sarasota Landscape Maintenance Professionals

Landscape Design For Sarasota Gallery

Commercial Landscaping

Project Goals – Renovate the landscape design of a commercial space near downtown Sarasota by creating a landscape design that is simple, elegant, and low-Maintenance.

Our Landscape Design Solution – Remove the existing Foxtail palms and allow for more light to penetrate into the understory.

#57 lime rock was used to define the circulation patterns through the landscape.

Terracing was achieved by using riprap boulders to create planting beds.

Low volume irrigation system will provide adequate water for plant establishment.

Infiltration trenches were used for drainage.

Notable Plants/Trees:

Rangoon Creeper, Podocarpus to help soften the white vinyl fencing, Giant Farfugium, Brazilian Cloak

Services provided: Landscape design & build