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GreenTech designs and installs new landscape irrigation systems as well as maintaining and renovating existing systems. Our team of passionate experts will evaluate the property and assist you every step of the way.

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How we Install our Irrigation Systems

How we Install our Irrigation Systems

Passionate About Irrigation & Water Issues

For Sarasota landscapers, a suitable and able irrigation system is expected and quality, as well as reliability, must be ensured. At GreenTech, irrigation is our passion, and we pride ourselves on giving expert irrigation assistance and deployment. Our business model offers technologically advanced and environmentally conscious irrigation systems to feed your plants and protect your wallet. Our company believes in sustainable, cost-effective, and performance when it comes to our irrigation systems. In addition to adding new systems, our team assists in fixing existing irrigation systems and improving them. Our irrigation systems do everything from inspecting the local terrain, determining water quality, and reviewing existing systems.

A Step by Step Process

Before we set up any new irrigation systems, it’s always essential to survey the local terrain and identify areas where water can flow. First, our team measures the landscapes for determining hydrozones, measuring areas where sprinklers can be added, setting up a piping system, adding controllers, and much more. This is valuable for maximizing water retention and minimizing drainage. This step is key to conserving water while designing an irrigation system that fits our client’s needs. Another important part of this step is determining the filtration needs for this new system. After plotting through all of the drainage areas and points of interest for the new irrigation system, it’s essential to work things out so that everything is watered properly no matter what. Seasonality changes will force the system to pump out less groundwater or more depending on if it’s raining all the time or if it’s scorched like in spring. It’s also vital to run tests and to work out all the kinks so that everything runs as efficiently as possible. Reviewing all these prior steps and ensuring what works for your needs is the next step towards creating the perfect irrigation system. Once everything is perfect running tests every so often is essential for making sure everything will continue to work properly.

Irrigation Design Process

  • Inspect Local Terrain
  • Audit Water Quality
  • Design for Quality
  • Design for Customization
  • Review and Finalize 
  • Run Tests

Quality Irrigation Service

GreenTech’s whole irrigation process is backed up by transparent documentation and a robust customer management system. Our knowledgeable staff of experts will attend to any concerns you may have regarding your new irrigation system. We highly recommend you go with an automatic irrigation system for both performance, time, and money saved for you and your community. Our team of Sarasota Florida landscapers is experienced with setting up irrigation systems for Sarasota Fl. Irrigation systems should be optimized so that not one drop will be wasted. With greater control over how much water is used, this will translate into time and monetary savings which can be invested elsewhere. This is valuable for more demanding things like responding to problems or expanding the property’s landscape design, with a custom irrigation system that efficiently manages local watering, drainage, and general water management, including property growth. An automatic irrigation system ensures consistent water distribution 24/7. In Florida, conserving water is essential, especially during the dryer months like late fall, winter, and early spring.  It’s better to have consistent around the clock watering than haphazard manual watering that’s inefficient and wasteful. If you’re dissatisfied with your current irrigation system and would like to expand and beautify your Sarasota landscape, then GreenTech’s custom-built efficient and environmentally friendly irrigation systems are a perfect way to give your garden the treatment that it deserves.  All of our irrigation systems are design specifically for our client’s needs depending on climate, drainage zones, number and scope of plants, and most importantly the size of the landscape in question.


Our property has never looked better!

Our property has never looked better! Grant, Brendan and his team have been doing a phenomenal job. our zoysia grass had been doing terrible before. After GreenTech has been doing the lawn maintenance the turf has completely rebounded – no more patches of yellowing. Thanks guys!
J Smith, Lakewood Ranch

Greentech was great!

Greentech was great. We had constant issues with large areas of our lawn dying back in shaded areas that never really filled in. Greentech came in and treated our soil and now the lawn is growing back looking better than when we moved in.
Glenn W, Sarasota

The landscape looks great!!

We hired GreenTech to solve a problem with our large palm trees yellowing, and a surrounding area that had problems. Grant and his team improved the soil and drainage and solved the issues with our trees. Since then we have not had any issues with the landscape and it looks great!
William, Sarasota

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