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Condo Landscaping

Condo Landscaping

The needs of condo owners are complex for one managing expenses and space constraints are key factors when landscaping for condominiums. GreenTech provides professional expert level landscaping to condominium owners in Sarasota Florida. Our landscape solutions are tailored to the local climate based on the team’s many years of service. Whatever landscaping concerns there may be GreenTech is happy to assist our clients.

Condominium Landscaping Problems:

  • Small Areas
  • Multiple People in a Very Small Space
  • Limited Growing Area
  • Strict Rules and Regulations regarding what can be grown
  • No Large Trees or Plants
  • Strict Service Hours

For those with difficult needs, it can be tough to find the right company. Fortunately, GreenTech is a local, adaptable company specialized for servicing our Sarasota Clients. We do lawn care, plant care, tree care, our passion, and drive as well as our plethora of tools and technology empower us to provide expert-level service. Green Tech will work with local condominium owners to negotiate a perfect schedule that has both the needs of residents and landscape at heart. If you’re interested in our many services then contact our website for a free quote and get in touch with our qualified team of experts.

Condominium landscaping is very demanding for the one you have to work in a small area and again that’s a big one, but there’s also rules and limitations on what can be grown all that in mind, GreenTech is more than capable of fitting into those that with our quiet efficient landscaping techniques and tools you’ll be more than satisfied with our performance when it comes to condominium landscaping. With our focus on irrigation, soils, and with environment landscaping techniques you’ll not only help the environment but help your wallet when using GreenTech. When it comes to Sarasota landscaping for condominiums it’s hard to beat our roster of services and quality efficiency landscape management.


Our property has never looked better!

Our property has never looked better! Grant, Brendan and his team have been doing a phenomenal job. our zoysia grass had been doing terrible before. After GreenTech has been doing the lawn maintenance the turf has completely rebounded – no more patches of yellowing. Thanks guys!
J Smith, Lakewood Ranch

Greentech was great!

Greentech was great. We had constant issues with large areas of our lawn dying back in shaded areas that never really filled in. Greentech came in and treated our soil and now the lawn is growing back looking better than when we moved in.
Glenn W, Sarasota

The landscape looks great!!

We hired GreenTech to solve a problem with our large palm trees yellowing, and a surrounding area that had problems. Grant and his team improved the soil and drainage and solved the issues with our trees. Since then we have not had any issues with the landscape and it looks great!
William, Sarasota

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