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About GreenTech: Our Guiding Principles

Grant Beatt

GreenTech Landscape management, provides the best in landscape management services, with performance-based results and competitive pricing. Our team is passionate about landscaping, water, soil and southwest Florida. and we adhere to our guiding principles:

  • Commercially Focused
  • Budget-Sensitive
  • One-Stop-Shop
  • Progressive Using Cutting Edge Technology
  • Scientifically Based – Knowledge-Driven Expertise
  • Nurturing Healthy Landscapes
  • Environmentally Conscious
  • Water, Drainage, and Irrigation Centric
  • Passionate About Soils

A Team Of Experienced, Professional & Passionate Landscapers

Our entire team has a passion for keeping beautiful landscapes looking their best…

Sarasota Lawn Care GreenTech
Sarasota Lawn Care GreenTech
Sarasota Lawn Care GreenTech
Sarasota Lawn Care GreenTech

Our Work: Landscape Design, Renovation & Maintenance

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Landscaping & Gardening Tips & Information

Planter/Container Landscape Designs Michael Babboni 24/06/2022 Grant Beatt

Planter/Container Landscape Designs

There are many ways to make your yard look great and feel even better in landscaping. If you’re ready to take your green thumb to a whole new level, check out these creative and practical planter/container landscape designs that will blow your mind. Planters are an inexpensive and low-maintenance way to transform any garden or […]

How to Use Less Fertilizing in Your Landscape Michael Babboni 28/04/2022 Grant Beatt

How to Use Less Fertilizing in Your Landscape

Anyone who has spent time observing the natural world can see that plants thrive when they get plenty of nutrients and ample room to grow. However, not all plants require the same amount of fertilizer. Too much of a good thing can be bad for plants, especially nitrogen. When used in excess, high-nitrogen fertilizers can […]

Why Hire A Landscape Designer In Sarasota? Michael Babboni 02/07/2021 Grant Beatt

Why Hire A Landscape Designer In Sarasota?

Sarasota Landscape Designers have a huge palette to work with. Nearly every kind of plant and tree from temperate to tropical climate zones can grow in southwest Florida. This amazing array of options can create as many problems as opportunities. Only an experienced landscape designer can craft the best arrangement for your property’s landscape design. […]

Landscape Maintenance Experts Sarasota FL

GreenTech provides complete landscape management and landscape design for Sarasota area properties. GreenTech offers professional, landscape maintenance service competitively priced, and environmentally responsible. Our team has over 20 years of experience servicing South West, Florida. GreenTech is a one-stop-shop for all landscaping services, emphasizing scientifically founded environmentally-friendly solutions.

Landscape Maintenance

GreenTech provides expert-level landscape maintenance services to our South West Florida clients, including trimming, mowing, edging, fertilizing, irrigation, arborist services, and pest control; all of these services are carried out with a focus on performance-based results at an affordable cost. If you live in the Sarasota/ Manatee area and need help with the restoration, modification, or maintaining existing landscapes, contact us, and we’ll schedule a consultation that fits your needs.

Comprehensive Plant Health Care

GreenTech diagnoses and fixes problems with all your landscape plants including turf, palms, trees, citrus, ornamentals and shrubs. We are experienced working with improving soils, landscape pest control, and regenerative pruning and trimming. Included in our Florida-friendly ethos is the focus on water use, stormwater management, drainage, and Irrigation. We believe that focusing on the environment leads to outstanding results long-term, saving money on maintenance costs and conserving resources like water and nutrients. GreenTech makes absolutely no compromises when it comes to the environment, results, and savings. We are passionate about preserving water, maximizing soil health, and minimizing maintenance costs with cutting edge progressive technology.

Landscape Design Installation and Renovation

In addition to maintenance services and revitalizing the health of existing landscapes, our services also include the renovation and design of entirely new landscapes for clients who desire a fresh start with zero hassle. Our southwest Florida team-based landscape professionals will work with local business owners, HOAs, and homeowners. Our team will arrive on-site to perform a complete landscape audit and discover your needs before planning a new landscape design.

Afterward, we’ll design a landscaping plan that will fit all your current needs as well as fit in with local requirements, providing dialogue through every step of the process. The team will install hardscapes such as paths, signs, lights in addition to waterworks like ponds and fountains. Finally, any plants requested will be placed in their exact location as requested. Planting will be done as required to maximize the chances of health.

Our Work

We invite you to review our gallery of landscape design and renovation, including landscape designs and installation at some of the Sarasota areas’ landmark properties.

If you’re interested in how GreenTech can help you with your next landscape project contact us today for your free landscape consultation.