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Landscaping, Infrastructure & Quality Of Life Grant Beatt 02/07/2021 Grant Beatt

Landscaping, Infrastructure & Quality Of Life

As awareness of the impact our infrastructure has on the environment, and the quality of life of residents and citizens has increased, so has the demands placed on developers and city planners to build public spaces that are not just functional and safe, but also sustainable and aesthetically pleasing for occupants.Many facets must be addressed […]

Landscape Design For Sarasota Gallery Grant Beatt 18/12/2020 Grant Beatt

Landscape Design For Sarasota Gallery

Project Goals – Renovate the landscape design of a commercial space near downtown Sarasota by creating a landscape design that is simple, elegant, and low-Maintenance. Our Landscape Design Solution – Remove the existing Foxtail palms and allow for more light to penetrate into the understory.#57 lime rock was used to define the circulation patterns through […]

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