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GreenTech understands the importance of soils, and we are very passionate about improving the quality of soils for our Sarasota clients. Our services are optimized for property owners and those who desire nothing but the best results.

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Soil Top Dressing & Soil Health

Soil Top Dressing & Soil Health

    Soil quality and soil biology restoration works by increasing the availability of nutrients, minerals, and beneficial bacteria. Increasing all these factors requires soil health improvement adding decomposing plants, compost, fertilizers, and other beneficial compounds to improve soil fertility or restore existing soils significantly. There are different ways of adding practical organic and inorganic material to soil to increase its fertility: Mulching, Organic Fertilizers, Nematode Control, Soil Top Dressing.

    Improve Soil Quality With Top Dressing

     The soil mixture used in topdressing will amend the soil by adding nutrients to it. Soil top dressing mixtures are made with various soils, sands, compost, and nutrient-dense additives. Soil amending with top dressing usually takes several applications to perfect, but it creates a rich, nutrient-dense soil that will keep your vegetation healthy and thriving. Topdressing paired with core aeration helps bring the nutrients to the root layer. This method can help speed up grass recovery and lead to a healthier lawn.

    The top dressing uses a layering technique that can help enrich the soil. However, if the layering is done incorrectly, it can lead to water absorption blockage, causing plants to become dehydrated. This is usually a result of mislaying the textured soils and applying fine-textured dirt on top of a coarse-textured soil. The top dressing mixture and application strategy should be handled by an expert who understands the chemical compounds and textures of different soils. Topdressing is also a labor-intensive process that requires specialized tools, so it is best to work with experts like the Wilhelm Brothers team to save time and effort.

    Soil top dressing is a traditional method that has been used for centuries to help amend the soil naturally. People concerned about the health and environmental risks of chemical fertilizers and the high cost of applying them often find soil top dressing to be the best solution for their lawns. The top dressing uses natural materials and techniques to achieve results.


    Mulching is an excellent way of improving general soil health in both the short term and the long term. Mulching has the following benefits: better nutrient retention, soil retention, insulation, water management, erosion, prevention, soil health. Mulching significantly improves soil hydrology and guarantees satisfactory growth. Verticutting Soil-Thatch is very important for allowing water to drain on a lawn properly, will enable nutrients and water to reach the roots, promotes water conservation, and improves any lawn’s health and vigor.

    Soil Biology Tips

    Soil Biology is essential for the proper cycling of nutrients, and the basic tips for managing it will go a long way towards having the perfect garden. Other useful techniques are composting old materials, grass and paper clippings, and using solid waste.  Compost is another valuable way of environmentally recycling old organic material and tying it into the soil. It’s much more environmentally friendly than using “straight cut” phosphorus-based fertilizers, but it takes much longer for the plants to absorb correctly. Organic Fertilizers and Composting also benefit from being much better for long term use and take up fewer resources, so it’s highly advised to use them over synthetic fertilizers. 

    Other Important Useful Tips

    GreenTech will improve your soil’s condition by adding a plethora of beneficial substances, improving drainage, and keeping the ground moisturized and fertilized at all times.  However, there are factors beyond the soil itself that can cause damage. If not addressed immediately, pests such as insects, nematodes, fungi can detract from your soil health; keep an eye on whatever’s living in the soil. However, not all critters are harmful. For example, by introducing beneficial bacteria and earthworms, you can dramatically increase your soil’s fertility with no other factors in play. Verticutting Soil-Thatch is excellent for allowing water to drain on a lawn properly, will enable nutrients and water to reach the roots, promotes water conservation, and improves any lawn’s health and vigor.

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    Our team of knowledgeable experts knows exactly how to improve the health and usefulness of soils so that you always get the most out of it. GreenTech has many years of experience and we are very passionate when it comes to the organic side of landscaping. We are passionate about helping our clients with soils and improving or even restoring soils.





    Our property has never looked better!

    Our property has never looked better! Grant, Brendan and his team have been doing a phenomenal job. our zoysia grass had been doing terrible before. After GreenTech has been doing the lawn maintenance the turf has completely rebounded – no more patches of yellowing. Thanks guys!
    J Smith, Lakewood Ranch

    Greentech was great!

    Greentech was great. We had constant issues with large areas of our lawn dying back in shaded areas that never really filled in. Greentech came in and treated our soil and now the lawn is growing back looking better than when we moved in.
    Glenn W, Sarasota

    The landscape looks great!!

    We hired GreenTech to solve a problem with our large palm trees yellowing, and a surrounding area that had problems. Grant and his team improved the soil and drainage and solved the issues with our trees. Since then we have not had any issues with the landscape and it looks great!
    William, Sarasota

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