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In the past, mowing was a time-consuming and labor-intensive process. It required workers to drive around the lawn with push mowers, spending hours at a time on the job. The work could also be physically demanding, especially for landscapers with larger properties.

Now that self-driving mowers have hit the market, landscapers are beginning to see how they can benefit from this new technology.

What Are Robotic Lawnmowers?

Robotic lawnmowers are primarily battery operated (They can be combustion engine driven as well) that battery operate uses guide wire along the perimeter of the lawn. They operate using information from sensors and uses guide wire camera systems to detect obstacles in their path and stop or change direction accordingly. The only thing you need to do is set them up for your lawn!

History and Technological Evolution

Autonomous mowers have been around for many years in one iteration or another, with Husqvarna pioneering and shaping the Solar robotic mower in 1995. However, it was only recently that their evolution gained momentum. Today’s models are being designed to follow intelligent patterns rather than random ones, and some are even using technologies other than a buried wire to define the perimeter. As a result of these technological advancements, we now see different directional options available on today’s robotic mowers. That is random, directional, and mixed (a combination of both). The latest designs also have added GPS, which increases efficiency even more by allowing your mower to travel farther from its starting point before returning home if needed!

Autonomous Lawnmowers Benefits for Landscapers

Besides being a great tool for the groundskeepers, autonomous mowers have benefits that landscapers can leverage.

Reduced fuel costs

Autonomous lawnmowers don’t need fuel like gasoline, so there’s no need to pay for them anymore. This saves money on fuel.

Increased Efficiency

Autonomous lawnmowers can get the job done more efficiently than humans because they operate without rest breaks and don’t require breaks during inclement weather conditions like rain and snow.

Increased productivity

Autonomous mowers will allow you to do more in less time, which means you’ll be able to complete your jobs faster than ever!

Quiet can operate at night

The noise produced by traditional lawnmowers can disrupt neighbors and even cause hearing damage over time. Autonomous mowers are not as loud as traditional ones, so they can operate around the clock without worrying about their noise level.


The best models are equipped with sensors that prevent them from running over people or pets. You don’t have to worry about getting hurt by accidentally cutting yourself on a blade while pushing or pulling the mower across your yard.

Reduced maintenance costs

Autonomous lawnmowers reduce the need for human labor and resources in lawn mowing. This will allow you to save money on maintenance fees and the cost of hiring employees.


Lawnmower robots are a relatively new phenomenon, but they are gaining popularity among landscapers. As you can see from our discussion here, many of the benefits come down to saving time and money for both the owner and the landscaper. These machines also offer great environmental advantages in terms of energy savings and reduced pollution levels. They’re also fun to use! If you think this technology could work well in your business or home, consider looking into purchasing one today.