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Landscape Renovation Grant Beatt 01/07/2021 Grant Beatt

Landscape Renovation

Project GoalsClient was in search of “rooms in the landscape” and clean minimalistic lines. Color was very important in key locations.Our SolutionNotable Plants/Trees:
 – Arikury Palm in front patio planter– 
Native Cabbage palm colonnade to frame property and important views
– Manicured bougainvillea specimens
– Manicured Confederate Jasmine trellises

Notable Services Rendered:

 Underground, seepage irrigation around driveway so […]

Low Impact Modern Grant Beatt 03/11/2020 Grant Beatt

Low Impact Modern

Project Goals– Large flat roof – Stormwater management goal was to reduce and dampen Stormwater energy.
– Protect existing Live Oak Hammock and Mangrove Community
– Use native vegetation wherever possible
– Landscape not to interfere with views of the Gulf

– Low-Maintenance
Our SolutionFlorida-friendly, low impact design featuring native plants including Cabbage Palms. Open pool rewards the homeowner with […]

Tropical Landscape Remodel Grant Beatt 24/09/2020 Grant Beatt

Tropical Landscape Remodel

Project Goals– To create a serene tropical landscape for meditation and yoga.– 
Convert an existing 1950s swimming pool into a grotto and natural water feature.– 
The integration of spectacular rooms and spaces for contemplation– 
Privacy from neighbors to the north and south
Preserving Critical ViewsOur SolutionA Balinese tea garden house was designed adjacent to a spectacular […]

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