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Photos: Tuscan Villa Waterfront

Tuscan Villa Waterfront

Project Goals

– Preserve large Live Oak canopy and root system during and after construction

– Preserve mangrove community during and after construction

– It was important to the project that the landscape installation continued to ooze that old world charm.

– The use of reclaimed/recycled clay brick

Gravel driveway framed in a reclaimed clay brick soldier course

Tree preservation procedures and methodologies were employed way in advance of the actual construction.

Extensive root preservation occurred as well as timely pruning, fertilization and irrigation.

We were very proud of the landscape design.

The gravel driveway, the use of reclaimed clay brick, landscape design and the preservation of the Live Oak tree canopy gave the property incredible charm.

Notable Plants/Trees:

East Timor Black Bamboo
Oldhamii Timber Bamboo
Large Frangipani clusters
Dwarf Sugar Palms

Notable Services Rendered:
– Stormwater management – Design Build & Maintenance

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